What does "U Lo" Mean on my Meter Display?

This message can be caused by one or more of the following conditions:

  1. The Line-to-Neutral AC Voltage is significantly below spec. For the meter to generate this error, the L-N voltage would need to drop 20% below specified service voltage. While this would be an unusual condition, it is not unheard of. Please check the primary voltages before continuing.
  2. The meter is not compatible with the electric service, or it is wired incorrectly for it. Common examples: Using a 480VAC meter on a 120VAC service, using a meter designed specifically for Wye services on a Delta service, using Earth Ground instead of Neutral.
  3. The meter is malfunctioning. If the primary line voltage(s) are within spec and the meter has been correctly specified and wired for the electrical service, then the voltage sensing circuit in the meter has failed.

The resolution to (1) is to fix the main electrical issue in the building. The resolution to (2) is to replace the meter with the correct meter, or to wire the line(s) and neutral properly. The resolution to (3) is to request a Return Authorization for Repair/Replacement under the terms described in the manual.

Please review the installation as recommended above. If it does turn out that the meter is defective, we can immediately process an RMA for you. Please let us know the results of your voltage tests, with a photo of the meter's front label showing the Model Number and Serial Number, to meters@leviton.com.

NOTE: Leviton will repair or replace only those meters which are under warranty. Meters which have failed beyond their warranty period will need to be replaced with new units. Please have Proof-of-Purchase documentation available when requesting an RMA.

Series 2000 meter with U Lo, model and serial numbers circled.

dhopkins@leviton.com 9-Aug-2019.